How to get through the days in lockdown

There are some simple things you can do which might make life in lockdown a little easier:

  • Eat well and stay hydrated: think about your diet - your appetite might change if your routine changes. Eat regularly and keep your blood suger stable. Drink water regularly.

  • Take care of your environment. You could discuss with each person you are living with what they need to feel comfortable - some people find that it is important to keep things tidy.

  • Cleaning your house, doing laundry and washing yourself are all important ways to help stop germs spreading. You could talk with your house mates to decide how to share these tasks.

  • Try and keep to a routine, and try and keep it as close to normal as you can - eg going to bed and getting up at your normal times

  • Build exercise into your day.

  • Get fresh air and spend time with nature if you can.

  • Take care with news and information - be careful where you get your information from. If the news makes you feel anxious, think about switching it off.


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