Some things to think about and know about before you come

In our first call we can talk about the reasons why you want to come to Counselling, what you want to achieve with the work, and we can work out whether it might be short term, medium or long term work. 

I will then send you some important information:

- The counselling contract: this sets out what you can expect from me, and what I expect from you. You will need to sign and return this before we start, or we can talk about it in our first sessions if you would like to add or remove anything specific. Contract - click here.

- The payment details; I will send you my bank account details and payment must be made prior to the session

What therapy is...

Psychodynamic therapy is an approach that involves facilitating a deeper understanding of one's emotions and other mental processes. It works to help people gain greater insight into how they feel and think.

By improving this understanding, people can then make better choices about their lives. They can also work on improving their relationships with other people and work toward achieving the goals that will bring them greater happiness and satisfaction.

Measuring whether it is working

We will go through some outcomes measurement questionnaires at the beginning of our work and then at regular intervals to keep an eye on whether the work is making a difference to how you are feeling 

The first questionnaire we will complete is the Core 10

Working online 

All counselling will be online or over the phone until lockdown measures have eased. Here are some guidelines about what to expect when you work online

Video and phone calls

My Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important. Here is a detailed account of the what, why, how and when of data 

Data privacy policy