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There are times when you might need extra help to respond to challenges and demands. Counselling or psychotherapy can help with: problems with relationships, anxiety, coping with losses, grief and bereavement, depression, feeling stuck, blocked, under performing, unhealthy coping strategies - eating disorders, alcohol or drugs, self-harm.

Psychodynamic Counselling

Psychodynamic counselling helps you understand how your current feelings and behaviour are shaped by your past experiences and your unconscious mind and impulses.I use Attachment theory to help clients understand the patterns which have developed over time. An understanding of childhood development and the importance of interactions between the child and main carer(s) helps to make sense of future attachment styles and relationship patterns.I am experienced with Neuro-diverse and LGBTQ+ clients, young and old. I work with children age 10+, young people and adults.​

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Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychothery 

ISTDP is a new and complex set of techniques for treating anxiety disorders which originate from trauma, and the resulting somatic symptoms. It can also work effectively for depression, addictions, eating disorders and relationship difficulties.  ISTDP also integrates findings from neuroscience, biophysiology, and psychoanalysis which change the ways we think about and work with defenses. As its name suggests, this therapy is often more intensive but shorter term than more traditional analysis.

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